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9 X 9 Water Stop Shower Splash Guard w/ Adjustable Wall Angle


Shower Door Leaks - Wall Mount Swing Door/Screen

Leak Shower Door Fix w/ Adjustable Drip Rail


Bathtub Installed Wrong


Bath Tub Water Damage Repair


Patent Issued to Jerome Gipson


Shower Splash Guard Install 2

How to Remove Cover Paper on Splash Guards Fast

Shower Splash Guard Install


Sculpted Shower Splash Guard


How to Remove any Shower Splash Guard


Hexagon Tile Shower Splash Guard Design


Diamond Plate Shower Splash Guard Design


DIY Diamond Plate Bathroom Design


Shower Drip Rail Install on Neo Angle Door


DIY Shower Door Drip Rail


Put Your Bathtub on the Level!

Making A Box From Foam Core Board


Floater Frame for Stretched Canvas


Pin Stripe Picture Frame (Part 1)


Pin Stripe Picture Frame (Part 2)


Shadowbox Making with Foam Board


Tape Gum & Label Fast Removal


Corner Cutting Templates


Notching Tool for Magic Moulding


What Is Magic Moulding?


Home Work Space for Magic Moulding


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