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Reg Tub Damage

The Problem Left Un-Checked!

In a perfect world, bathtubs would be installed, levelled, and squared with shower walls, but tub / showers can be far from perfect.

Bathtubs with shower curtain combinations have a problem, which started with the first drop-in tubs, stopping water from escaping the tub and damaging the floor.

Inventors have been trying to solve this problem with patented devices dating back to 1931 and they commonly call them “Shower Splash Guards”. The most popular patented designs found today are based on a 9”x 9” triangle white plastic shape and can be found in many stores but they don’t fit tub/shower walls that are installed out of square.

Magic Moulding wasn’t developed as a “Shower Splash Guard”, but it has proven to be more effective than the best designs patented, because it adjusts to fit out of square shower walls, and it’s among the least costly. 

Instead of settling for boring preset shapes and colors (white), Magic Moulding allows the user to completely adjust the length and width, based on the need, and apply a color scheme, based on the room décor and personal tastes.

The ends are shaped to eliminate any sharp corners. Rather than leaving them transparent, which doesn’t photograph well, color designs were added to show how you can decorate your own.

You can easily make custom designs yourself, using simple tools and materials, and adding some colors, are all that were needed to make these designs, which shows there are no limits to what effects you can create with our Shower Splash Guards with Adjustable Wall Angle.

Watch our Step-By-Step Installation Video!

Rich Tub Damage

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Make protecting your bathroom floor fun by letting your loved ones decorate their own Shower Splash Guards.

Some people pre-wet the tiles, others place towels on the floor to catch the escaping water, yet others just ignore the problem.


What’s your best solution?

Adjustable Wall AngleShower Splash Guards are designed to be the best inexpensive solution for this common problem.

Copper Guard

Spray Painted

46” High

The Problem!

Blue Dot Guard

Spray Painted Copper & White

Adjustable Wall Angle Design

Spray Painted

7” x 5 1/2”
The Competition

19” x 8”

One Solution!

Ribbon Guard

Diamond Plate Vinyl Covered

It’s a Guy Thing!

Green Guard

Go Green!

Splash Guards

The drawings in the patents below show that our product will render many of them obsolete because of their ineffective designs, and functionality, and they are all made primarily from white plastic with no option for user input, customizations, or alterations.





Magic Moulding

Available at These Fine Locations:

Any design or motif can be applied to our Shower Splash Guards.

This design was laser printed and adhered, to match the hexagon floor tiles on the right.

Click This Photo,

to see the Step-By-Step


Split Finish Guard

Fun Finish!

Problem Shown Above,
Under Repair!

Each Shower Splash Guard has a thick aggressive Acrylic Foam Adhesive, and sticks best to acrylic caulking.

Silicone caulking does not allow paint or anything else to stick to it.

It is important to clean away any silicone caulk excess especially along the tub surface, before installing our Splash Guards.

The Problem:   Even the most expensive bathtubs will have problems, if the installation isn’t done properly. The tub on the right is an expensive Kohler jetted resin tub. It was not levelled properly during installation. That mistake has caused over 1/2” of water to pool along the ledge, in the corner, which can be seen in grey. A towel was always left there, to help soak-up the water after using the shower.

The Solution:   Fortunately, there is a hallway on the other side of the 5’ tiled back wall and a bedroom behind faucet wall. First, we removed the row of tiles along the tub. Then we cut a section of wall board out from the hallway near that corner, which gave us access to both the tub under-support ledge and the floor under the tub.

We used thin plywood to raise the tub from the bottom, then used wood shims on top of the under-support ledge to insure it was level and didn’t move. Following that, we replaced the tiles along the tub and then replaced the section of wall board that we had removed in the hallway. This allowed us to repair it without removal.

Magnet Home Hardware
1575 Commercial Drive,

Vancouver, BC

1/2” low at inside corner

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Peel Out

Push In




Fold & Press

On to the Caulk!

Adjusts to Any Wall Angle!

Our Bathtub Shower Splash Guards

Adjust to any

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